Professional property photos will get your property noticed and for agents/homeowners,… will get you sold 35% faster. I provide affordable magazine quality photos using a combination of ambient and studio lighting to ensure accuracy of colors and texture. I will capture a realistic representation of your property using advanced techniques and multiple exposures. TV, fireplace, and sky swaps are included, when needed, at no extra cost. Package options include daytime interior/exterior images and are determined by the size of the property and client needs.

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Occasionally situations arise where it is not necessary or not an option to shoot photos of a property’s interior.  For those exterior-only needing clients, I offer this exterior- only package.  I will provide 5 shots for a flat fee on any sized home or building.

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Twilight shots feature the illumination of a home or building at dusk. They grab a viewers attention immediately and are quickly become an industry standard. With this high contrast image, the viewer can not only see the true beauty of a property but they can feel the interior warmth as they are invited in. The property is transformed from a house to a home or a place in which they want to be. Requiring extra planning, set up, shooting technique (light painting) and processing, twilight photos are created using multiple exposures shot from sunset to dark. Twilight shots are priced per photo for any sized property.

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Day to dusk conversions offer a cost-effective alternative to twilight shots as they do not require any extra on-site effort or time to create. I will take a daytime shot created during a property photo shoot and convert it to a twilight shot. Day to dusk conversions can be an add-on to any property photo or exterior-only shoot you book with us.

*Proprietary footage only.

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Day to Dusk • Red Rubber Photo

Day to Dusk • Red Rubber Photo


Mother nature doesn’t allows want to cooperate or the sun decides to sleep in on a day when you’ve scheduled a really important property shoot. No need to worry! I can make any overcast period look like a bright sunny summer day. This service is included with any property photo or exterior-only shoot that you book with us.

*Proprietary footage only.

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Cloudy to Sunny Conversion • Red Rubber PhotoCloudy to Sunny Conversion • Red Rubber Photo


Aerial property shots and drone photography is one of the hottest ways to feature your property.  It gives the viewer a bird’s-eye-view of the property and it’s surrounding community.  Incorporate aerial photos into your photo and video presentations.


A staged property shows better than an empty property. Virtual staging is an option whereupon 3D rendering is used to “virtually” stage a residential or corporate property instead of actually staging a property. Virtual staging costs a fraction of physical staging and is a fantastic tool to help showcase your property to prospective buyers. Virtual staging is priced per photo.

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A photo slideshow of your property photos enhanced with property details. Average duration usually 2 – 3 minutes.


Standard slide and pan shots of property exterior and interior.  Includes flyovers & lower thirds of property details. Average duration usually 2-3 minutes.


A walking property tour as experienced from a viewers perspective.  Hand-held movement through a property room to room. Cuts as necessary. Average length usually 3 – 4 minutes.


Interview or narrated style tour video featuring agent as the tour host. (Actors available upon request.)  Various types of shots included. Average duration 4-5 minutes.


Testimonials are a great way to acquire consumer confidence. Interview-style videos featuring your favorite customers or best reviews.  Average length 2-3 minutes.



A open house brochure is a great opportunity to not only give potential clients key information about your property but is also a  great way of getting your information into the hands of active potential buyers and sellers.  Not everyone who attends an open house will take your business card, but most of them will take a brochure.

I can not only design an outstanding brochure for you open house events,.. but I can print and drop-ship them to your door.

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Postcard & flyer mailers are a fantastic way to introduce you and your services to a community or client base.  Just Listed, Pending Sale, Open House and even Just Sold flyers are relatively inexpensive to design and produce when compared to your return on investment.  A carefully designed mailer will yeild both immediate and long-term results for your buiness.

I can not only design your mailers but I can print and drop-ship marketing mailers to your door.

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Business cards put a face to a business and provides tangible information to a possible client.

I can not only design a stellar business card for you but I can print and drop-ship them directly to your door.

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Single-property websites allow agents to provide more information on a listing in a customized space. Special homes deserve their own corner of the Internet — at least, that’s what buyers will think when they come across your property website, a place dedicated solely to one property where the audiences entire experience is special.

I can design, build, and host your single property website in either our standard format or our premium format.  Options include lead capture, download brochures, community information, etc.


Your website is perhaps the most powerful marketing tool you could have in your arsenal.  Build your business with a professionally designed website targeted at collecting leads and making conversions.  I will work in conjunction with my web company Red Rubber Media to develop a customized website solution for you and your business.


Everything you need to know about preparing your property for a professional photo or video shoot.