Why should I hire you to take professional photos? Why not do it myself?

You only get one chance to make a first impression.  You may have the latest smartphone with the most advanced camera on the market for that model, but you will never be able to get an image that will capture the correct colors, lighting, and detail of your property or design.  I provide high-quality, yet affordable property photos using a special blend of natural light and studio light with top of the line cameras and wide angle lenses to truly express the grandeur and style of your property. The National Association of Realtors and the Wall Street journal both agree – Professional property photography is one of the best ways to get your property noticed.  Properties with high quality photos almost always command higher prices.  It’s not just about getting sold.  It’s about getting sold at $$S over asking!

Iphone vs Pro photo with TV & Fire swaps

How do you bill for services rendered and what types of payments do you accept?

Clients are billed via an online invoice and can pay with most major credit cards.  Payment must be made in full immediately following a shoot or else your processing time will be delayed.   Contact us for packages and pricing.

How do you price your services? What aren’t you prices on this site?

Property photos are packaged according to property size with add-ons and special services available.  I can even customize a package for you.

I’m passionate about what I do and I very much want to connect with clients who feel the same way. I am not an online store. I provide a very personal service. For that reason I prefer clients to contact me for package details and pricing in order to inspire consumer confidence and maintain that personal connection.


How do I book a session with you?

Simply give me a call here or fill out my contact form.

What time slot should I choose for my property?

Our available time slots are:

• Morning: 10am
• Afternoon: 1pm
• Late Afternoon: 3pm

If your property faces east or south, then I recommend the morning appointment.  If your property faces west or north I recommend the early afternoon appointment.

Twilight photo shoots start at sundown and go until dark. Therefore our evenings are reserved for these slots.

How do I prepare my property for a photo or video shoot?

Your property will be shot as I find it.  For optimal results, it is best to have your home cleaned, prepped, and staged before your shoot.  You must have your property photo-ready.  Failure to do so will result in fewer photos and less than desired results.  I do not provide staging or cleaning services.  All pets should be removed or confined to an out-of-the way area.  Although not necessary, if the property is occupied, it helps if the residents are not present.

For more information on exactly how to prepare your property and suggestions for getting it photo-ready, please visit our guide to preparing your property for a photo shoot.

If I give you a the lock box code, will you shoot an unattended property?

Yes I will, but for liability, security and customer satisfaction reasons, I prefer that the agent, agent’s representative or client be present during the shoot.


How soon will I receive my photos?

Once payment has been made, photos will be delivered in 24 to 36 hours, depending on the number of photos and/or services  ordered. Rush processing is available for an extra fee.  Contact me for packages and pricing.

What photo format and resolution will I receive?

You will receive two sets of JPG photos.

One set will contain high resolution (300 dpi) print-ready images that you may use for your marketing materials with regards to your listings (agents) or portfolios (designers). (I can design and print all your promotional materials.  Ask me about it.)

The other set will contain web-optimized (72 dpi) images that are meant for web delivery (MLS, Mailchimp, websites).

I love my photos, but can you just photoshop out the damage to the floor?

No. I can remove items such as small pieces of furniture, temporary markings, or exposed electrical cords. Yet, because of legal and ethical reasons I cannot alter any permanent structural or cosmetic damage.

I’m just so busy. Can you just upload my photos to MLS for me?

Sorry, but no. It is strictly against MLS policies for any 3rd party vendor to log into MLS with an agent’s name and password.

What if I’m not happy with my photos?

I am confident that you will love your photos.  Yet, customer satisfaction is extremely important to me.  If for some reason you are not satisfied, please contact me immediately and I will work with you towards a resolution.

I paid for these photos, so I own the rights, yes?

You are free to use the photos to market your listings/designs (brochures, websites) or as an example of your work (portfolio, listing presentations), but you do not have the right to sale or redistribute the photos in any way (staging companies, contractors).  So,.. no.

Red Rubber Photo maintains all rights over of the images that I create.  If you have a vendor who loves my work, then great! Send me the referral and then I’ll be happy to give you a discount on your next shoot!


What kind of videos do you offer?

We develop professional photo slide shows, standard property tours, walk-through property tours, agent-hosted property tours and custom videos. Contact us for packages and rates. Go here to see samples

Do you offer drone services?

Very soon!  Drone pilots must be certified by the FFA and insured.  We getting our shooters up to speed on these skills.

Are YOU a licensed and insured drone pilot?  Give us a call or contact us here.

What video format and resolution will I receive?

All videos are delivered in MP4 format at a resolution of 1080p (Full HD) and optimized for web delivery.

I’m just so busy. Can you upload my video for me?

We are happy to post your video to You Tube or Vimeo for an extra fee, provided that you already have an an account and that you give us a login.  Yet, we cannot post your video to MLS as it is strictly against their policies for any 3rd party vendor to log into MLS with an agent’s name and password.


What kind of promotional materials do you offer?

Printed materials such as brochures, flyers, mailers, and businesses cards.  We can also create and host property websites, online brochures, and even portfolio & idx websites for your business through our sister company Red Rubber Media.

Do you custom create promotional items or do you use templates?

Both! We have predesigned templates available to choose from for your promotional needs.  We can also custom design something special for you and/or your business.

How long will my property website be available?

Property websites are available exactly one year from purchase date. We do not send out reminders about the expiration date.  It is your responsibility to keep track of when you need to renew your website if needed.  If you need a long-term website solution, please contact us.

What about a website for my entire business?

We can do that!  We partner with our sister company Red Rubber Media to produce high quality portfolio and IDX driven websites.


Everything you need to know about preparing your property for a professional photo or video shoot.